Portable access to Skype

mcePhone is a software program that lets you use Skype together with Windows XP Media Center 2005 on a wireless telephone. This program features a welcome page upon startup that shows your Skype status which can be changed directly via remote control.

This tool works just like Skype. You can see how many of your contacts are online, a list of missed calls and any new or incoming voicemails. This program also shows a Skype call even if you are watching live TV or a video.

The video is automatically paused so you can answer your calls. mcePhone has changeable settings. You can choose to accept, ignore or reject a call directly by remote.

All contacts and call lists are available directly from Skype so there is no need to import your contacts. This program is available in 34 languages.

It can act as an answering machine that records and directly plays conversations and more. mcePhone lets you use Skype from your bedroom to living room or anywhere else you may be.



mcePhone 1.0